How do I pray the at-home Holy Hour?

First: Ideally, decide on a spot you can pray your Holy Hour again and again. This should be a place you are comfortable praying. Set the stage by joyfully preparing an at-home altar near alongside where you will offer your hour of prayer. This can be simple or elegant, but should include an image of the Sacred Heart or of Jesus in Gethsemane to focus on during prayer. Other possible items: candles, flowers, crucifix,

As the great advocate of the Holy Hour in the 1930’s, Father Francis P. Donnelly, once wrote, “In practice the faithful should be recommended to entertain thoughts of sympathy with Christ suffering, of hatred for sin, of reparation to Christ for the ingratitude and indifference of mankind.”

The Holy Hour at home can be done of course at ANY time of day and any day of the week, because God cherishes all devout prayer.

BUT… there is a special day and time for this Holy Hour.

Thursday night… the hour of 11pm -12 am is special. It’s the hour Our Lord asked for. There’s a holy opportunity awaiting you, and it’s filled with graces.

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